Top 10 Motion Control Systems Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Motion Control Systems Companies - 2019

It is often said that change is the only constant. As the world rides on the wave of digitalization, now the OEM industry has reached an inflection point. Implementation among early adopters has gradually given way to broader market penetration as end users and OEMs developed clear understanding of how the technology fits into their particular business models. The needs of those groups, in turn, put the responsibility for implementation on motion control suppliers, a dynamic that is transforming automation.

Traditionally, machine design followed a serial process of mechanical design followed by electrical design and controls. Once assembled, machines were commissioned, they are operated using manufacturing execution systems (MES), supervisory control, and data acquisition (SCADA) software. At each level, separate systems had to be interfaced and data transferred, requiring time, effort, custom code, and physical connections.

Today, OEMs place a greater emphasis on motion control. Programming and validation can be time-consuming and complex, particularly when it involves highly coordinated motion control. The goal of motion suppliers has been to develop applications that do the work for the OEMs and integrators, lessening their burden. This is particularly beneficial for machine builders who lack deep motion control expertise. The trend of simplifying software continues with making machine controllers and PLCs configurable instead of programmable. The approach enables OEMs and integrators to get their systems up and running far more rapidly than if they needed to develop custom code. When they need to modify a platform for a specific application or customer, they only need to reconfigure rather than re-engineer the application from scratch.

Simultaneously, modern components simplify this process with built-in connectivity, memory, and processing capabilities. Edge-computing devices tame the data monster, sending reduced data sets to the cloud where they can be mined with web-based analytics. The approach enables asset owners and service organizations to make rapid, informed decisions. Besides, application of simulation enables them to test out a wide variety of options while reducing the number of surprises. Simulation begins in the design phase using techniques like finite-element modeling to better understand performance. A detailed digital model that includes the masses that will be moved and rotated makes it possible to much more effectively size motors and gearboxes to optimize performance and minimize footprint and cost. Simulation enables OEMs to test out some of the functions of their machine design and do a more effective job of delivering application-specific features to the end user.

To help companies navigate through the best-breed motion control systems solution providers Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of leading motion control systems solution providers. A distinguished panel comprised of CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, along with Manufacturing Technology Insights’ editorial team have evaluated and shortlisted organizations that have significantly stood out in the motion control arena for the year 2019. The companies featured in this issue through their business knowledge and industry prowess have established their eminence in the motion control solution sector.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Motion Control Systems Solution Providers – 2019.”

    Top Motion Control Systems Companies

  • A fluid power and industrial automation solution provider that helps its customers minimize production interruptions and maximize efficiency. Besides being in existence for three quarters of a century, John Henry Foster (JHF) is bolstered by over 200 years of combined expertise in design, engineering, and hydraulic engineering. The motion control systems solution provider specializes in different variants of motion control—fluid, power, electrical, or mechanical. Also adept in electromechanical and hydraulically-managed solutions for machine safety, JHF provides both off-the-shelf parts for repairs and maintenance, as well as custom-fabricated products for unique applications

  • MachMotion provides simplified, user friendly, affordable, and turnkey Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) retrofit solutions. The company works on three primary principles—speed, simplicity, and support. For speed, MachMotion offers cost-effective methods to upgrade a customer’s old control system. On the other hand, simplicity principle is based on MachMotion’s smart control system that accommodates latest techniques including touch screens to improve ease of use for the workforce. Lastly, within the support principle, the company assists over a thousand clients, worldwide, through its free remote login feature, which maximizes the machine uptime and eliminates the support cost

  • Moog has a comprehensive systems capability and proven reputation for designing, qualifying and delivering high-performance motion solutions for some of the world's most demanding applications. True integration requires a high level of collaboration between the company and its customers. In many instances, the company’s engineers become an integral part of the customer's design team, thoroughly understanding the technical challenges, and finding innovative ways to boost performance and optimize system attributes such as reliability, weight or cost. The company is a proven experts at developing system solutions and can augment our customers' in- house resources

  • An industry leader in designing and manufacturing geared motors, AC motors, industrial gear units, motor starters and frequency inverters for decentralized drive control. NORD provides customer-specific concepts and solutions for a wide range of applications in nearly every industry throughout the world. NORD’s product portfolio includes helical in-line, helical shaft-mount, helical-bevel, helical-worm and worm gear units with torques from 90 lb-in to 2,200,000 lb-in, readily available AC motors from 1/6 HP to 250 HP, and variable frequency drives up to 250 HP

  • QuickSilver Controls, Inc. is a motion control product manufacturer based in San Dimas California. Established in 1996, the company markets high-performance, cost-effective motion control products, servo controllers and motors for use in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market. QCI’s innovative approach to solving problems inherent to modern motion control has propelled the company to the forefront of technology. While continuously applying patented QCI intellectual property to solve new challenges in the motion control industry, the company’s focus is to maintain product flexibility and ease of use

  • With over three decades of experience in building reliable and rugged motion control products, Telco Intercontinental Corp. is revolutionizing the way original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) build their products. The company’s product portfolio has a wide range of offerings from electric motors and drives, to their custom cables and turnkey assemblies. The company with their team of expert engineers collaborates with the clients to understand the design, its functionality, and then works on to create a perfect product to integrate into the client's system. Customized solution from Telco enables OEMs to have higher controllability that leads to improving the overall efficiency of their products



    AMETEK is a world-class enterprise with market-leading businesses and reliable brands. It is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices based in the United States. The organization serves a diverse set of niche markets and applications. AMETEK is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of the advanced test, analytical, and measurement instrumentation. The company also proffers automation and precision motion control solutions, as well as highly engineered electrical interconnects. AMETEK has a proven corporate Growth Model that combines its four growth strategies of Operational Excellence, Strategic Acquisitions, Global & Market Expansion, and New Product Development, with a disciplined focus on cash generation and capital deployment

  • LORD


    LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing firm developing highly reliable adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies that significantly reduce risk and improve product performance. The company’s proven expertise and industry leadership allows them to develop both cutting-edge technologies and proven solutions that deliver results throughout a broad spectrum of markets. For over 90 years, Lord has led the way in developing vibration, motion and noise control solutions for the aerospace and defence industry. The organization strives to provide service solutions to commercial fixed wing, commercial rotary wing and military customers worldwide

  • NSK


    With U.S. headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, NSK is a market-leading vendor of the ball and roller bearings and linear motion products. NSK bearings have contributed greatly to the growth of many industries and to the advancement of mechanical technology. The company has the largest share of the bearings market in Japan and is one of the largest bearing suppliers in the world. The bearings offered by NSK include ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, and thrust bearings. NSK has used its expertise in precision machining technology, refined through years of bearing manufacturing, to diversify into automotive products, precision machinery, and parts and mechatronic products

  • Rexnord


    Rexnord is a Milwaukee, WI-based multi-platform industrial company. The Company operates through two segments: Process & Motion Control platform, and Water Management platform. Rexnord offers a broad portfolio of products including gear drives, bearings, couplings, industrial chain, brakes, and a wide range of conveyor components. The Company sells its Process & Motion Control products and services into a diverse group of end markets, including food and beverage, aerospace, mining, petrochemical, energy and power generation, cement and aggregates, forest and wood products, agriculture, and general industrial and automation applications. The Company also manufactures and supplies engineered mechanical power transmission components used to control, support and protect rotating shafts within process automation and discrete automation applications