NORD Drivesystems: NORD Gears up for Autonomous Manufacturing

NORD Drivesystems: NORD Gears up for Autonomous Manufacturing

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Torsten Schultz, CEO & President, NORD DrivesystemsTorsten Schultz, CEO & President
When Henry Ford, American industrialist and the founder of the Ford Motor Company, pioneered the first ever moving assembly line, little did he know that it would become a worldwide sensation someday.

The manufacturing industry, today, thrives because of the intuitive architecture of the assembly or progressive lines. However, to build and effectuate such intricate production machinery and industrial equipment, manufacturers also require numerous machines of various capabilities to produce desirable products. From hydraulic compressors to different kinds of pumps, heavy-duty machinery, and motion control systems, the fast-moving world of manufacturing is in a constant need of efficient machines to drive revenue. To this end, NORD Drivesystems is a global company that leverages decades of experience to develop and provide extensive, hardware-based manufacturing solutions and services.

“Whether a company needs a drive system for an automobile or food processing assembly line, post and parcel supply chains, or conveyor belts, NORD builds drives to help industries function effectively,” remarks Torsten Schultz, president and CEO of NORD Gear Corporation, the U.S. division.

Celebrating 40 successful years in the field of mechanical engineering in the United States, NORD is a leading manufacturer of geared motors and drive electronics for enterprises across all verticals. With expertise in the area of motion control systems and products, NORD assembles and delivers over 600 gearboxes and 300 motors throughout the U.S. every day. Working out of its manufacturing plants in Waunakee, WI, Corona, CA, or Charlotte, NC, NORD caters to diverse customers that specialize in material handling, machine building, food and beverage, logistics, and water treatment, only to name a few.

The future of manufacturing is modular, flexible and autonomous. For this, NORD’s new integrated drive systems offer decentralized intelligence that can cope with the increasing complexity of processes

“NORD’s engineers, customer service, and production teams understand the importance of agility in manufacturing. Although 30 percent of our orders are custom, we offer the industry’s shortest lead times with just-in-time manufacturing,” says Schultz. NORD ships 25 percent of its orders within 24 hours, and nearly 50 percent in five days, and 70 percent within two weeks. Moreover, with the myNORD online portal, customers can easily configure products, generate CAD drawings, produce a quotation, place an order, and subsequently keep track of the order status. This portal also provides order-specific documentation such as operating and maintenance manuals and spare parts lists.

Customer service is a top priority. For industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, and other applications that cannot afford downtime, NORD also provides 24/7 customer support. The after-hour support is available 365 days per year and includes basic trouble shooting, identifying technical resources, and ordering expedited spare parts or replacement units.

To shed more light on NORD’s custom engineering capabilities, Schultz described an innovation for a customer in the pump industry. “NORD designed the first, no-coupling solution by directly interfacing an inline speed reducer with the pump shaft,” expresses Schultz. This new, integrated NORD product solution strengthened the customer’s product line, reduced their manufacturing time, and improved their revenue generation.

Viewing the road ahead, Schultz says, “The future of manufacturing is modular, flexible and autonomous. For this, NORD’s new integrated drive systems offer decentralized intelligence that can cope with the increasing complexity of processes.” With intentions to delve into the world of automation and IoT, NORD seeks to drive Industry 4.0 with products that incorporate connected devices and smartphone applications to propel the industry into a new digital frontier.

NORD Drivesystems News

NORD Extends Line of Single-Stage Helical Gear Units with Three New Sizes

New NORDBLOC® gear units deliver industry-leading thrust load capacity. The newest NORDBLOC.1 single-stage gearmotors extend NORD´s product range to eight sizes, 1.07 to 14: 1 gear ratios and 221 to 8,850 lb-in torque. NORD offers multiple output shaft and mounting options.

NORD Gear Corporation, a world leader in drive technology solutions, today announced the addition of three single-stage gear units to its NORDBLOC®.1 line. The new SK 871.1, SK 971.1 and SK 1071.1 represent the three largest single-stage NORDBLOC gear units manufactured by NORD and provide industry-leading thrust load capacity per case size.

The new products have a power range of 30 to 60 HP, a torque range of 3,540 to 8,850 lb-in. and a ratio range of 1.41 to 8.09:1. With durable UNICASE cast iron housing and optimized bearings, they can reliably handle large axial and radial forces and are perfectly suited for pumps, mixers, conveyors and industrial fans.

Since NORD added single-stage units to the NORDBLOC.1 line in 2017, more than 65 OEMs in the United States have specified the single-stage units for a host of customer applications in food and beverage, oil and gas, and chemical industries. The newly expanded line will enable NORD to capture greater market share by providing a wider selection of configurations at a lower cost than competing gear manufacturers.

The primary reason for extending the single-stage product line is to provide customers in our target markets a full offering to cover all of their operational requirements, said Tom Koren, director of engineering at NORD. By providing single-stage compact gear units that meet the market requirements for speed and torque ratings, customers now can benefit from increased thermal performance, increased bearing ratings and a more compact designs at better price point than our competition.

With the rollout of the new SK 871.1, SK 971.1 and SK 1071.1, NORD is discontinuing its SK 41E and SK 51E gear units. To ease the transition for existing customers, the new single-stage units come with the choice of two standard output shaft sizes: one to match what the legacy customers are currently using and one to align with market standards.

NORD offers eight single-stage helical gear unit sizes in the NORDBLOC line. Mounted by foot, flange or a combination of both - plus featuring solid shafts with metric or imperial extensions - the line provides customizable, flexible solutions for most high-speed drive applications. Gear units may be ordered with an integral NORD motor or with IEC or NEMA C-face motor adapters.