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MachMotion: Bridging the Workforce Gap with Retrofit Kits

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Dave Eldredge, President, MachMotionDave Eldredge, President
Even though the world is moving toward a digital space, there are several manufacturing companies still stranded with legacy machines and equipment. With the skilled machine operators aging and eventually retiring, these age-old machines are turning out to be an alien concept to the new workforce. The reason: new, qualified candidates are accustomed to latest technologies such as touch screen and voice commands to control machines rather than manually handling them. As manufacturers look to modernize their existing infrastructure and bridge the knowledge gap existing between two generations of workforce, a smart and reliable retrofit partner that helps to proactively upgrade the older machines in a manner that complements the incoming workforce becomes crucial.

Enter MachMotion. A Missouri-based retrofit firm, MachMotion is uniquely positioned in the manufacturing industry to update and simplify the machines’ operations through its smart Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) Retrofit solutions.

Equipped with the latest technologies, the MachMotion’s CNC kits deliver fast, real-time, and reliable turnkey solutions to help companies get their machines up and running quickly, while increasing business productivity and decreasing training requirements. These user friendly, affordable, and turnkey CNC Control Retrofits function as a replacement of PLC-based control systems and are available in different retrofit kits including Yaskawa servos.

The genesis of MachMotion dates back to more than two decades ago, when a young mechanical design enthusiast, Dave Eldredge, began designing and building CNCs with his father. Giving in to his interests in machine designing, Eldredge established MachMotion in 2008. Along with his three brothers, Eldredge founded MachMotion on three primary principles— speed, simplicity, and support.

We take pride in knowing that our team helps manufacturers make their business processes smart and efficient

The company achieves speed by offering cost-effective methods to upgrade a customer’s old control system. On the other hand, simplicity principle is based on MachMotion’s smart control system that accommodates latest techniques including touch screens to improve ease of use for the workforce. Lastly, within the support principle, the company assists over a thousand clients, worldwide, through its free remote login feature, which maximizes the machine uptime and eliminates the support cost. “With speed, simplicity, and support, our prime goal is to build CNC retrofit solutions that are scalable and easily adaptable in a manufacturing environment,” mentions Eldredge, President at MachMotion. Additionally, MachMotion provides conversational programming enabling machine operators to design and manufacture parts right at the machine using a wizard or simple CAD designer.

When approached by a client with an issue in their existing manufacturing system, MachMotion assess the machine model based on the specifications provided by the customer. Subsequently, MachMotion offers three different techniques—a self-installation package, on-site turnkey power-up, or ship the machine to MachMotion to install a new control system in it. The versatile nature of the projects handled by the company is better highlighted using a client partnership story. A Minnesota-based grinding firm experienced setback when their control partner was no longer supportive and actively functional. While on a forage for a reliable retrofit partner, the grinding firm contacted MachMotion and accepted their highly competitive and within-the-budget price quote. After locking the agreement, MachMotion sent its technicians to client’s site and replaced old, unsupported machine parts with new ones. “Our free after service remote support along with extended 24/7 support proved useful as all the bugs and issues raised by the client was fixed by a technician instantaneously,” says Eldredge. “We take pride in knowing that our team helps manufacturers make their business processes smart and efficient.”

Under the leadership of Eldredge, MachMotion has scripted such innumerable customer success stories with a belief that ‘clients’ success is their success’. The company intends to continue its family legacy of providing unparalleled support to manufacturing firms across the globe.