Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A): Designed for Demanding Servo Actuation Applications

Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A): Designed for Demanding Servo Actuation Applications

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John Scannell, Chairman & CEO, Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A)John Scannell, Chairman & CEO  
For army helicopter pilots responsible for medical evacuation and personnel extraction, sloppy flying is not an option. And that’s where proper and comprehensive training in simulation environment play a major role. Poor training can lead to errors and in the worst cases, loss of the helicopter, the crew and the person or people being rescued/extracted. Bottom line: The better the fidelity of the training, the better the chances of survival. This requires a commitment to training activity, the increase in simulation fidelity, and a trustworthy solution provider to back it all up. By providing state-of-the art motion components and motion bases for flight training, Moog is on the front lines of this training. With its long history providing hydraulic and all electric motion bases for flight simulation, Moog remains on the forefront of new technology that is re-energizing the industry.

The high performance motion controllers are designed by Moog for demanding electric and hydraulic servo actuation applications. This system of hardware and software offers rapid implementation and set-up to save time and money as it is based on universal standards and a modular structure which is flexible and easy to implement. And the system’s application doesn’t end at providing solutions to aviation industry. The company’s forward-thinking approach to expanding the limits of hydraulic, electric and hybrid control technologies has helped them to earn the confidence of today’s most respected design engineers, manufacturing experts and machine builders in markets such as military and commercial aircraft, satellites, space and launch vehicles, missiles, industrial machinery, and medical applications.

Collaboration holds the Key

Despite the fact that Moog facilities operate in 25 countries around the world, the company’s teams speak a common language: helping its industrial customers take their ideas beyond what they thought possible. By leveraging engineering breakthroughs from other areas and tapping into the key assets and expertise of the entire organization, Moog’s industrial group offers a significant depth of intellectual capital and production capabilities.

The true essence of our organization can be traced back to 1951 when founders Bill Moog, Art Moog, and Lou Geyer came together to form The Moog Valve Company around Bill’s historic invention, the first practical servo valve—a high-performance control device that was more reliable and easier to build. The collaborative spirit of these three ambitious pioneers lives today in the company’s commitment to do whatever it takes to help customers address their unique challenges with expertise, advice and continually evolving product lines that help overcome their toughest obstacles.

Today, Moog is a respected product innovator and well- established organization with thousands of employees and a half-century of achievements and accolades.

Where Vision is set in “Motion”

The pressure has never been greater on manufacturers to achieve greater efficiencies or higher productivity. Whether it be to produce premium-quality products right off the machine or to incorporate new raw materials or manufacturing processes, the manufacturers are struggling to find the answers. Likewise, the demands continue to grow on industrial equipment to work harder, faster, longer and at less cost. Depending on the machine, the application, the region or the budget constraints, the right motion control solution may be hydraulic, electric, or a combination of both. No matter what the technology, Moog’s control electronics and software provide the brains for high performance and control, seamlessly. “That’s why Moog application engineers always start with the challenge, rather than the product. We ask the tough questions. Dig deeper. Take the initiative. And think more about the end result than providing pre-packaged answers on how to get there,” says John Scannell, the chairman and CEO of Moog. This technology-neutral approach gives clients the benefit of the company’s best thinking and the high performance of its world-class product lines.

Wherever industrial applications may evolve, we’ll continue to design and build motion control solutions that not only keep pace with industry

Moog Servo Valves, Proportional Valves, Servo Cartridges, Actuators and Radial Piston Pumps can be found in a myriad of applications. These include plastic injection and blow molding machines; metal forming presses; gas, steam and wind turbines for power generation; controls on paper-making machinery and steel mill equipment; control systems on Formula One race cars; actuators on fatigue-test systems; and control of flight simulators, among others. On the electric solution side, clean operation, less noise and low energy consumption are just a few elements make Moog’s electromechanical motion controls the ideal solution in many applications around the world.

Developing Solutions Collaboratively

Moog products have been specified for some of the world’s most critical motion control applications. As new applications arise, the company’s design teams work closely with customers to add new items to our extensive product rosters. Some are tailored for use in one-of-a-kind installations. Others become standard equipment on machines across many industries. These state-of-the-art products are continuously improved to take advantage of the latest technology breakthroughs and advancements. They are fundamental to the success of the high-performance motion control solutions that Moog develops in collaboration with its customers. Topping the list of the products is Moog Servo Valves which work in tandem with other motion control products and use the latest technologies including fieldbus communication, embedded motion control electronics, and configuration software and incorporates advanced motion control algorithms.

What’s more, they can be found in a variety of specialized configurations including explosion-proof models and fail-safe versions for unique machine needs. Yet they remain the heart of the motion control system, critical to machine function, quality and productivity.

"We ask the tough questions. Dig deeper. Take the initiative. And think more about the end result than providing pre-packaged answers on how to get there"

On the other hand, Moog’s brushless servo motor products have earned a reputation for dynamic performance, power density and reliability in applications ranging from robotics, down-hole drilling, material handling, textiles, flight simulation, plastics and more. Through key acquisitions over the years, the company has continually broadened its product range, always tailoring or modifying the specifications to fit our customers’ needs. Actuators using its electric components provide high-performance, customized solutions for flight simulation, metal forming, blow molding and more. Further, Moog has also developed an extensive range of hydraulic and electric actuators that is ideal for high performance applications. The company’s offering includes world-class products as well as packages that combine electric linear servo actuators with servo drives and easy to use software. Known for long-lasting performance and reliability, Moog’s actuators also offer easier installation and higher efficiency making them a cost-saving option for many new generation and retrofit machines.

The Global Motion Leader

What really differentiates Moog is its global presence and know-how in the motion control industry. Today, Moog continues to add to, enhance, reconfigure and redesign our product lines to ensure flexibility in cutting-edge applications. “Wherever industrial applications may evolve, we’ll continue to design and build motion control solutions that not only keep pace with industry—but move it in bold new directions,” says Scannell. From designing an electric actuator for flight simulators in the US to helping an Italian steel mill significantly improve its gauge control to working with a Japanese plastics machine manufacturer to develop the next generation of injection-molding machinery, Moog motion control solutions impact companies in more than 150 countries in every corner of the world. The unsurpassed level of local know-how, regional expertise and design flexibility ensures that Moog’s motion control solutions are tailored to the client’s environment.

Its commitment to customer collaboration never ends with the sale. Moog Global Support is the promise to offer world-class repair and maintenance services delivered expertly by our trained technicians. The company help customers reduce their downtime by keeping critical machines running at peak performance. In addition to factory repair services using OEM parts, Moog offers stock management of spare parts, onsite services for quicker commissioning, set-up and diagnostics and flexible programs for upgrades, preventative maintenance and multi-year contracts. It all adds up to the assurance that no matter where the client works, Moog is always there to ensure that the client’s motion control applications are well managed and maintained and they are always ready for what’s next.

- Laura Davis
    August 01, 2019